Who We Are

To be a leading consulting firm enabling transition to a healthier, more sustainable future through the use of Industrial IoT technology in leading industries in Canada.

To help people and industry realize their potential through the application of IoT technology solutions and training services.

We offer a variety of services, including strategic and technology planning, project management, staff augmentation through fractional CXO services.  we are prepared to invest in good start-up ideas, and we sit on Not-for-Profit as well as Private Company Boards.

We are a strategic consulting firm with expertise in a variety of industries, including Oil & Gas, Electric Utility, Agriculture, and Waste water Management Industries.

“DARE” to be the business you could be

Many industry observers feel we are now entering a fourth Industrial Revolution, and openly talk about Industry 4.0.  This revolution has been enabled through technology innovation at the chip, device, networking, service enablement, application, and services level, all bound together through advances in integration, security, and standards work.  It its what has given rise to the platform company as the defining business model of the 21st Century.

At Valentis, we understand the broad technology trends emerging that are powering this revolution, and we advise clients on how to leverage this enabling technology in order to solve business operational problems.

More specifically, our expertise is around how to apply the suite of IoT wireless and platform solutions to improving visibility and manageability of production processes that are remote and distributed.  Running remote, distributed operations means your business is often in rural location, remote locations, operates off the electrical grid and in potentially harsh environmental conditions, and needs to collect information from distributed assets in order to make better business decisions.

At Valentis, we can help you improve the visibility and efficiency of your remote operations through business process analysis, unbiased solution advice, and project management to execute the recommended strategy.

Discover, Analyze, Recommend and Execute: DARE to be the business you could be with Valentis International.

Meet Our Team

James Freeman
James FreemanPresident, P.Eng.

James is the President and co-owner of Valentis International Inc, an Edmonton-based IoT and technology consulting company with clients across Western Canada.

From 2007 to December 2017, James was Chief Technology Officer and President, New Ventures of Zedi Inc, a privately-held Calgary-based services company that has been providing technology solutions to enable the Digital Oilfield for the last 15 years.  Zedi’s full-service integrated suite of solutions empowers Oil & Gas producers in Western Canada, and United States and 24 other countries to improve production operations.

In his role as CTO, James oversaw technical development for the company’s Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform, which collects sensor and controller data from field assets and adds value to that data via cloud-based analytics and visualization tools.  Presently, this platform supports 1.7 million sensors, and consumes around 60 million readings per day.  As President, New Ventures, James also oversaw Zedi’s efforts to expand application of its IIoT platform to attractive growth verticals outside of the Oil & Gas sector, including Clean Tech, Agriculture, and Retail Food Services.  He remains a Strategic Advisor to Zedi.

James is also Chair of the TransRail Innovation Group (TRIG), a Calgary-based startup bringing a novel tank level monitoring solution to the transportation of hydrocarbons by rail, and served for 5 years on the Board of TR Tech.

Prior to joining Zedi in 2007, James spent a total of 17 years in the telecommunications and electric utility industries in both Canada and Europe.  He has held roles in a variety of positions, including systems-level advanced technology research, IT, finance, project management, marketing, product development and strategic planning.

A native Albertan, he has BSc and MSc degrees in Electrical Engineering and an MBA, all from the University of Alberta.  He is a Professional Engineer member of APEGA, and is also a Fellow with the Royal Canadian Geographical Society

He is active as a soccer coach and leader in the youth sporting community, and he makes his home with his wife and twin daughters in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Valentis International’s Memberships

Edmonton Chamber of Commerce


The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce is one of the longest running and most influential business organizations in Canada. It is part of a robust business community that extends regionally, provincially, nationally, and around the globe within the Chamber and World Trade Centre Networks.


Decentralised Energy Canada


Decentralised Energy Canada (DEC) is a national industry association that helps build and maintain connections within the decentralised energy sector. They provide a network pathway for startups, entrepreneurs, corporations, and market leaders to work together in the most efficient and productive way. DEC builds new awareness about the decentralised energy sector by providing training for municipalities, universities, and those within the industry itself. DEC members are also given the advantage of industry market insight and relevant environmental, economic, and technical expertise.


Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster

Associate Member

The Digital Technology Supercluster is a consortium of some of the world’s biggest names in healthcare, telecommunications, natural resources and computing, along with start-ups, SMEs, researchers and post-secondary institutions – all working together to solve some of the most pressing productivity, health and sustainability challenges facing Canada and the world today.