Our Clients

We have provided strategic advice, project management, and in some cases investment support to a variety of technology companies exploring IoT.

Transrail Innovation Group

TRIG’s vision is to be a global market leader in rail logistics by measuring, communicating and understanding, in real-time, what’s going on inside the railcar.

Valentis International is a shareholder in TRIG and chairs the Board.

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Intelliconn’s solutions help customers in the AgriFood sector increase profitability and security through better internet access and remote monitoring and control of property, facilities, and stored commodities’. 

Valentis International is a shareholder in Intelliconn and we act as Strategic advisors to management. 

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Verdir Recovery Clean Technologies Inc.

Verdir aims to transform municipal and industrial waste water management with proven technology and an innovative business.

Valentis International provides program management services to Verdir.

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Osprey Informatics Inc.

Osprey Informatics enables customers in the Oil & Gas industry to manage their remote facilities safely and efficiently through Computer Vision Analytics.

Valentis International is a shareholder and strategic advisor to Osprey.

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Zedi Inc.

Zedi is a global leader in production operations management through the application of IIoT Technology and outstanding professional and customer services.

James Freeman is the former CTO of Zedi, remains a shareholder, and is a strategic advisor.

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With operations for over 100 years on the BC Coast, TimberWest focuses on sustainable forestry management practices from harvest to new growth.  TimberWest is a founding member of the Canada Digital Technology Supercluster.

Valentis International has provided advice on IIoT wireless technologies to TimberWest.

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