Verdir Mobile Waste Water Treatment

Verdir Trailer

Congratulations to local start-up Verdir for the completion of their first Mobile Industrial Waste Water Treatment trailer. The trailer features industry-leading technology from Jerry Hanna and Clearflow Solutions, LLC as well as from David Dooley ( and Baleen International Inc. The trailer was on show at a customer open-house today in the County of Sturgeon, and was processing water to reduce total suspended solids and turbidity.

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Choosing an IoT Platform

With upwards of 450+ IoT “platforms” now available as partner options, how do you navigate a decision process? The attached is a good framework for setting important criteria and a process in evaluating potential choices. I would add that while implementation experience/uses cases in a particular vertical industry application is not critical, it too can be used as one of the factors to heighten comfort that a particular platform can meet your needs. I would place high weighting on the End-to-End completeness of a solution, particularly the demonstrated ability to integrate with hardware and sensors, and the associated security of the solution, not just technical, but also the processes surrounding the solution (a la ISO 27002)

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